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슈퍼주니어 - Super Junior Comeback - Suju_saikou

Super Junior wa Daisukidayo
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Suju Saikou

welcome to suju_saikou \(^∇^\)
Suju Saikou is a community created in honour of the Korean group, Super Junior from SM Entertainment (SM Town). You can talk here about with fellow E.L.F./fans/supports, you can give info, up some news, show us your graphics, post your fictions, share some musics/videos (just check rule #6) and more again in a nice atmosphere and good harmony.

So let your E.L.F. side goes out and Join us (^_-)b.

We have some rules posted HERE
(or below ↓) which are simple & easy enough to be respected and followed. They are kind of commons to other communities. They weren't create to annoy you or something like that, it's just to permit a good atmosphere and an easy navigation in the community. Please, follow them. We believe you can all get on well with everybody.

We wish you a nice moment with us and our members and hope to count you in them.

If you have any question/request/complaint you can contact one of us.

Thank you

-The moderator team-

Moderators are: mokomira, kisumai_love & watarulover.

Super Junior

-Current Active Members-

-Additional Members-

-Members In Break-


You can find links of officials websites about Super Junior in the sidebar of the community.


1. You are pleased to not bash Super Junior, others Idols or members in the community. You have to understand that all persons are differents and all can't love the same things! The bashing can bring us to ban you of the community. In the case you are quoting, share with us any info, a text contenting bashing you are pleased to notified it before the quote (like that while reading members know in advance it's not your words).

2. Use tags, and if you don't know how to do check This page. This page explain you how use tags.

3. Try to write a title for all your entries, and if possible make it clear (ex: "Heechul kissing someone" and not "OMG A KISS") in on our own livejournal it's nice to have funny tittles, but in the community it's easier when you are looking in the summary of the calendar page the back entries.

4. When you are quoting or sharing anything, please credit the original source.

5. If you want to show pictures (more than 2 big sized) please put it under a cut.

6. When you upload something, could you please add a line at the end with a link to yesasia or/and cdjapan or any of your chose saying "please support them and buy the single on XXX" and give the link to the page of the shop online.

Affiliates and Friends


Wanna be here? contact us by PM or leave a comment ^_-

Everything in this profile was made by watarulover ONLY FOR suju_saikou do NOT steal -♫- Photos credit: Super Junior official websites